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Mike, I have seen ads for a kit you use to stamp your name on the ball. Yeah, right! My game is very military...left, right, left, right, etc.

We have never lived on a golf course. However, at one point we were the recipients of many free golf balls.

We had neighbors behind us who had 5 [!] boys who all played golf. Said kids loved to practice golf swings in the backyard-- and often would send a ball flying over toward our house.

As per the kids' parents request, when one of the boys sent a golf ball onto our property we were to keep the ball. The parents thought that it would teach their boys a lesson & we were pleased because these boys tended to walk all over our flower beds when looking for a lost ball.

Neither one of us golfs, but our friends were always happy to have a few free golf balls courtesy of the neighbor kids wicked hooks-- so it all worked out for the best!

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