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March 28, 2009


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Rockin' shot.


Thank you. I'm working on it.


Helluva shot.

Your pal's Left Coast cousins are fighting it out with the bull robin for air supremacy over our house. The neighbor's ill-tempered cat took on our jay one afternoon last summer.

It was something Sylvester came to deeply regret.


Awesome shot! I have a gang of mockingbirds that live in the hedge on my neighbors side of the line. They spend most of their day battling with Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal and their teenage boy over feeding rights to my feeder.


JanetLee, except for the Mockingbirds, the Jays don't give any of the birds a hard time. However, when a Jay lands on the feeder the wrens and sparrows make themselves scarce.


Mike, Steven King, in one of his novels, described the Blue Jay personality as that of an old time Irish cop on the beat, rolling in to break up a fight. It's so perfect, I've always remembered it.

I used to have a lot of Blue Jays around, now I rarely see them - unless I put out feed peanuts. I think the West Nile Virus a few years ago knocked down the numbers.


Beautiful shot and a gorgeous bird.


that is a beautiful shot.
we have scrub jays around these parts, and they are thugs, to the point where they will take on squirrels for the peanuts we put out.

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