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September 24, 2005


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» Gators hang 49 on Wildcats in first half from Fanblogs.com
Chris Leak passed for four touchdowns as Florida led 49-7 at the half in what was eventually a 49-28 win over Kentucky today in Lexington. The Gators have now won 19 straight games against the Wildcats. One of Leak's TD passes was to DeShawn Wynn,... [Read More]


Chris Short

Yea... That stadium was looking kinda empty.


Did you see this billboard in Lexington yet?


Oh, the pain, the pain. You are a pal to watch the UW-ND game, Mike, or did you just want to share my pain? They got beat soundly, but it wasn't 60-0 or anything. (which I envisioned)


Here in Seattle the ND-UW game was called The Ty Bowl by the papers. One of our sports talker said he hoped it wouldn't turn out to be The Ty-dee Bowl.

Miami tunred in a mediocre performance yesterday and still skunked Alma Mater 23-3. Them Buff almost got shut out but we're gonna ride our 27 year old QB to glory as this is his senior year.

Damn Florida schools.

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